SRM, Asset Maintenance, and Technology Alphabet Soup

Transforming the Service Value Chain

The tech world is full of buzz words and acronyms that make it hard to understand what you need and why.

In this paper, we'll show how to see beyond the buzz terms and identify the technology you need to drive change and create value. Learn to understand:

  • Key technology categories, what they're called in "the biz," and why you need them (or why you don't)
  • The importance of building richer, longer-term customer relationships, and how technology can help get you there
  • Why "SRM" may be the one acronym you're missing 
  • How industry leaders like Oakley Transport and Valley Power Systems are using technology to enhance decision making

Don't let tech talk bog you down: download our whitepaper SRM, Asset Maintenance, and Technology Alphabet Soup, and get ahead of the pack. 

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